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All the products have checked and verified by voth suppliers and DIDARC Technical Department. If the products have any fault which was in Warranty conditions, we would maintain or change the product for the customers.

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DIDARC is committed to making business easy and profitable for you. We start with value driven products that are easier to install and use, then wrap our complete line of products with responsive and friendly support.

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Training on Demand

The type of training class could be chosen by customers. We are ready to present the training through both classes or web training center. Following items are available in the training part for the customers:

- Recorded Training Webinars
- Interactive Training Videos
- Certification (CEU courses)

It is noted that all information may be needed by customers for getting a perfect   usage of the products are available in the training center and will be presented fully in the classes.

The type of training class could be chosen by customers. We are ready to present the training through both classes or web training center. Following items are available in the training part for the customers:

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We guarantee theDelivery Performance:

- Comprehensive Status Notification
- Shipped within 24 Business Hours for Most Products

Trouble Free Limited Warranty

Trouble Free Limited Warranty

 Quality repair within two business days and returned to match your needs.If repair is not satisfactory, it will be replaced overnight under warranty conditions

Unauthorized Seller Policy


We at Didarc distribute our products exclusively through authorized and trained distributors and dealers. Occasionally, individuals will attempt to sell products online without the consent of Didarc.


Any Didarc product purchased from an unauthorized dealer or other unauthorized source will not be honored or serviced under the existing Didarc warranty policy.


Any sale of products by an unauthorized source or by any other manner not authorized by Didarc, shall void the warranty on the applicable product.


If you have any questions regarding our sales policy, please contact Didarc at +9821 88535400.




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We custom tailor training sessions to provide the tools and confidence necessary to help you sell, compare and install NAIMARC security products.


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Trouble Free Limited Warranty

  • All Geovision products are supported by a 2 Year Warranty
  • All Paradox products are suppoprted by 4 Year Warranty

Product Disclaimer - 12Vdc Camera Units

Improper installation will VOID product warranty. **CAUTION** Low voltage camera circuitry is inherently sensitive to proper powering requirements. It is the installer's responsibility to properly install, maintain and use the specific low voltage power supplies that come with DIDARC to maintain product warranty.

DIDARC will not honor warranty repair, replace and/or credit damaged units under the following conditions of improper installation.

  • Cut power cables and connectors to extend power length - min voltage damage.
  • Reverse polarity damage.
  • Power surge caused by ground loops in poor system planning.
  • Voltage drop caused by increased resistivity from improper power extension.
  • Synchronization failure caused by misuse of line lock sync feature.

Correct power extension requires a proper power analysis as a professional grade power supply may be used to power units over greater distances.


Service Order (SO)


To expedite parts returned to DIDARC for repair, you have the option to call and complete the SO form and email completed form to rahimzadeh@didarc.com or fax to +9821-88529785. You will be contacted shortly with an authorization number (Service Order (SO) number if returned for repair).

We highly recommend that if you have a part in need of repair to please contact our technical support department at +9821-88535400, ext. 300,301 and 302 prior to requesting a Service Order (SO) number.

Goods returned for repair or credit should be clearly identified with the assigned Service Order (SO) or RMA number and freight should be prepaid.


Enter the RMA or Service Order (SO) number which was given to you at the time authorization for the return was approved. Please provide a customer name, contact name, email address and phone number and click the Check Status Button. An email will be sent to you shortly with the current status of your  Service Order (SO).

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Managing Director

Managing Director - Sales Vice President
Morteza Izadi
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Mostafa Naimi

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Business Development Manager
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Technical Department

Technical Manager
Pouya Rahimzadeh
+9821 88535400

IT Department

IT Manager
Mohsen Biabanpour

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