Paradox Universal Converter UC300

Paradox Universal Converter UC300


Key features:


  • Enables reporting of events/alarms from any security control panel to Paradox IPR512 or IPRS7 receivers via IP and cellular network (while connected to IP150 and/or PCS250/PCS250G)
  • Sends email notifications of system events/alarms (with IP150 connected)
  • Sends SMS notifications of system events/alarms (with PCS250/PCS250G connected)
  • Provides LED indications for dialer connectivity and power
  • Easy installation - built-in clip for mounting on panel enclosure; no screws required



  • Any security control panel that supports CID
  • IP150 (V1.30 or higher)
  • PCS250G (V2.10 or higher, GPRS only)
  • BabyWare (V2.8 or higher)
  • InField (V3.8 or higher)

Operational Modes

  • Serial The system's communication channels (PSTN, Internet and GPRS) function as backups to each other, including an option to select the serial sequence to suit individual user needs
  • Parallel Events are reported via all available media (IP150 and PCS250/PCS250G)
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The UC300 allows the CMS to receive CID events and alarms from any security control panel into a Paradox IP receiver. The UC300 provides the link between non-Paradox security systems and Paradox communication devices, IP150 and PCS250/PCS250G.

UC300 converts Contact ID (CID) events generated by a security panel into Paradox proprietary protocol. Events are then forwarded to the monitoring station via IP150 and/or PCS250/PCS250G.

The UC300 enables end-users to self-monitor their secured location, by allowing receipt of instant, SSL-encrypted emails and SMS alerts from any location, once the system detects activity.